I live in Juneau, Alaska, and I was hiking on the Mt. Jumbo trail on Douglas Island, a fairly wooded island, and I was halfway up, and we set up our tents so we could spend the night in the forest on the hill. I was with my friend Aren. It was a couple months ago, and the tourists weren't in because they're only there in the Summer -- we saw only one person coming down the hill. After we were asleep, we were awakened by a very loud noise -- sort of like a bobcat -- and then the sound of trees crashing down.

I peeked my head out the window and I saw a bunch of foliage stamped to the ground in a specific path. Aren couldn't tell what it was, and we didn't see anything moving or hear anything anymore. We went back to sleep, and were awakened again. I looked outside the tent, woke Aren, and we both stared at this huge thing in the middle of the stamped bushes. It was dark, so we could only make out an outline. It had a yellowish-red color. Its body/midsection was about eight feet in width and it had a proportional head that looked kind of like a cat head, and I could see the ears in the slight moonlight, but the trees covered most everything else.

I didn't see them because I shot back into the tent, but Aren said he saw huge tentacles waving from the side of the thing. We both shot back into the tent and hid under our sleeping bags. We heard the bobcat noise again, and we heard it move away very loudly.

We awoke in the morning and went back down the hill. We called the forest service and they called us crazy, so we didn't tell anybody else about it. We were hiding, but we don't know what it would have done if we weren't.

Mike James