Colored Blobs from the Sky


In about 1963, in a suburb of Rochester, New York, my friend Thom and I slept out in his back yard. Woke up early, and went outside to play. Presently, brightly colored blobs began to slowly fall from the sky around us. Some were longer, which we called "hotdogs," and some were more round, so we called them "hamburgs." We'd try to catch them, but they'd vanish upon contact with our hands, as if they were a bubble popping, but they weren't bubbles. When they'd hit the dew-covered grass, they'd vanish also, but leave a spiderweb-like fibrous residue strung across the grassblades, which also disappeared when touched. I once read an almost identical account by a sailor or boat captain on the Canadian side of Lake Ontario, which would have put it about 60-70 miles from our sighting, but have never seen that account again, or another identical account. I recently called Thom and he remembers it. There seem to be plenty of disappearing spiderweb stuff from the sky accounts, but without the colored blobs we saw.

Doug Selsam