A Little Night Music

This happened about ten years ago when I was going by bus to visit my relatives in Mexico. It was very late, I think about 4:00 A.M., and we had just been on the bus for about seven hours, so we were very exhausted. As soon as we arrived at my cousin's home we started to get ready for bed.

Once we were settled in her children's room, my sister and I slept in their room in separate beds on opposite sides of the room. We crashed immediately. Or at least I did.

I was awakened by music, at first I mentally tried to rationalize the sound because it was very loud. I thought it was an ice cream vendor outside because that is what the music sounded like. But it was 5:00 A.M. It registered to me that it was the music from a kids' toy. You know, the kind they used to make a long time ago -- you would crank the top handle and it would spin like a top and make music at the same time. They were made of metal and decorated with a carnival theme. Anyway I knew all this in my head right away as soon as the logical thinking stopped.

It was pitch black in the room -- no night light. I couldn't even see my sister.

All of a sudden I heard two voices talking to me and pulling on my bed sheets. The voices were in echoes, like [they were] delayed. They told me in Spanish "Mama, vente conmigo. Mama vente conmigo." (Translation: Mother come with us. Mother come with us.) I swear to God I thought my heart was going to pop out of my chest. Finally, I yelled out for my sister, and everything stopped.

I quickly got up and turned on the light and jumped back in bed. My sister never responded so I called again and again, more terrified than ever. She was awake and said, "What's the matter?" I noticed she looked as scared as I was. So I told her what happened and about the music, and before I could tell what I thought the music sounded like, she finished the sentence for me and told about what she had heard. In her own words she described the exact same toy. It was weird. She did not hear the children but she said that when she heard me call her the first time she turned in time to see a shadow.

We both ran out of the room and woke up our cousin and did not sleep that night.

That experience left me with a lot of questions. Why did they want me? What would have happened if I hadn't yelled? Why didn't they speak to my sister -- only to me?

I haven't been back to that house in ten years and I don't think I will ever go back. Even now, writing this down has given me the chills.