Something to Get off His Chest

To be honest I really don't recall an exact date that this happened. I would guess I was maybe 12 or 13 at the time. I had went to bed that night same as always. My bedroom is right across the hall from my mother's (and stepdad's at the time) room. I do remember that I had a difficult time falling asleep. I tossed and turned and had a nervous feeling. After a while I finally managed to doze off.

In the middle of the night I jolted wide awake in the way that you do when you wake up and realize you've overslept. From asleep to completely awake instantly. First thing I noticed was a horrible burning coming from within my chest and a shortness of breath. Sitting on my chest was what I would best describe as a "demon." The stereotypical image of a demon. I slept with my light turned down low when I was younger so I was able to see the vague features.

It was a dark olive/brown complexion with a rough textured skin. I don't recall seeing any hair at all. Instead of the traditional two horns this creature had many small horns (maybe eight or so inches long) protruding from its scalp. No wings that I can recall either. I do remember its fingers. They were at least twice as long as a human's and very disproportionate to the hands. They were very long and thin. Almost everything about this creature wasn't proportionate. Its head was larger than its neck would seem able to support and its arms were long and thin, ending in large hands with thin long fingers.

It was in a sitting position on my chest so I couldn't really make out its lower body.

What I most remember though is the face. It was wide with a long nose and covered in what looked to be a mix of warts, scars and wrinkles. Its eyes were pitch-black and lifeless. The ears resembled those of a dog but larger and ragged.

This creature just sat there as I felt my chest constricting and all it did was stare directly into my eyes. Best believe I tried my best to move or scream but I was unable to do either. It was as if I had been paralyzed completely. I finally managed to yell and yell I did!

My mother came running out of her room and opened my bedroom door at which time the "demon" vanished in a small puff of a heavy dustlike smoke. After that I was suddenly able to move my body again although it was stiff and awkward. My chest was sore and my lungs hurt with every breath I took in.

I got very little rest for the next few months. I would have just dismissed this as a nightmare but to this day my mother swears that when she opened the door she saw this creature for a brief moment and saw the cloud it left upon vanishing. And the look of terror on my face was something she says she has never seen on me any time in my life.