Shiftrobe Fireball

I was born and raised in Lula, Georgia. One cool night in the fall of 1963, my mother and I had an experience that I will never forget. We were sitting at the kitchen table having a late supper of cornbread and milk with a sliced onion. As we were eating, my mother saw some lights down in the pasture past the barns. She got up from the table and walked out onto the porch to see what it was. As she looked at the lights, she could see they were hovering at treetop level, at the lower end of the pasture, over the train tracks. She had been on the porch a minute or so before I had finished my meal; then I walked out onto the porch with her to see what she was looking at.

When I asked, she pointed out the lights in the pasture. What I saw was three amber lights in a row. Under the lights, three or four feet, was a reddish glow brighter than the amber lights. I asked my mother what it was and she replied that she didn't know. As we watched, the lights began to move toward the house, but there was no noise that I can remember. As it got closer, the lights got clearer but not brighter. It stopped when it was beside the barn, just below its top, which put it just above eye level, about 150 feet away, 30 feet in the air, and it just sat there not moving. I told my mother I was going to see what it was, and I took two steps off the porch before she grabbed me and hustled me back into the house and locked the door behind her. When we got inside, she gave me hell for trying to run off the porch, but she wasn't mad, she was scared.

I asked her again what it was and she said she didn't know, but she said she saw men in the windows of whatever it was. With that answer I only wanted to go back outside more, but she wouldn't allow it and made me go to bed. I was sure she was upset because we were alone, and my father worked nights in the cotton mill in Gainesville. I reluctantly went to bed and turned off the light. There was a string going from the bedpost to the chain on the light fixture, which was in the center of the room, and one pull turned it off. As I lay in bed, I kept wondering what it was that we had seen, and I couldn't go to sleep. After laying there in the dark for a while, I decided to take a look out the window. As I raised up, I saw a glow on the outside of the window and I threw back the covers and sat up. As I did so, a small ball of fire came through the window and hovered at the foot of the bed.

I sat in bed and stared in wide-eyed amazement at the ball of fire. I could not believe it had come through the window without breaking the glass. It was about the size of a tennis ball, maybe a little smaller, and it glowed white hot with a blue tint. After a few seconds of hovering, slowly it started to move towards me, and for some reason, I was not afraid. As it got closer, I reached out to touch it and could feel no heat from the ball. As it got within a foot of my hand, it quickly darted away and started zipping around the room. It would move fast, and then stop as if it were looking around, then take off again. The glow from the ball was bright enough for me to see the other furniture in the room as it passed over it. When it got beside my head, I reached out to try to touch it and it darted away and then flew into the shiftrobe, right through the closed doors. (A shiftrobe is a freestanding wardrobe.)

When it got into the shiftrobe, I just knew that it would set fire to the clothes inside, and I reached out to pull the string to turn on the light and nothing happened. I pulled and pulled and nothing happened and I got scared. I jumped out of bed and ran across the room and opened the doors and looked inside. To my surprise, there was no fire, no burning clothes and no fireball. I couldn't believe it! After moving the clothing around to make sure, I ran into the living room, where my mother was sitting by the gas stove, and told her what happened. I took her by the hand and went back into the bedroom where she looked into the shiftrobe and out the window as I told her what happened. She calmed me down and told me everything was alright now, and it would not come back. Needless to say, I slept with her that night.

Aubrey Lewallen