Are We Going Backwards in Time?

Time may be flowing backwards in some of the universe. Lawrence Schulman posits that the dark matter making up 95 percent of the universe may be a time river flowing backward. This flows in reverse from the "contracting" universe that, from Earth's perspective, seems far in the future.

Schulman, of Clarkson University in Potsdam, New York, published the article "Opposite Thermodynamic Arrows of Time" in the December 27, 1999 Physical Review Letters. Those physicists who peer-reviewed its mathematics for the publication deemed the idea reasonable.

Isaac Newton's laws have long deemed that time can equally run backward and forward. If Schulman's idea of "opposite arrows of time" is valid, there may be more symmetry to things than previously understood.

One of these would be that if one could view things from the reverse time river, actions on Earth would seem to go backward. According to an abstract of the aforementioned article: "Each experiences its own retarded electromagnetic interaction and can be seen by the other."

Source: USA Today, 12/21/99; Physical Review Letters, 12/27/99, Volume 83, Issue 26 (abstract)