Harmless But Really Disgusting

A subdivision in Juneau, Alaska, was afflicted by a multitude of mystery worms. As of January 16, 1999, the squirmers were not yet identified, but were deemed to likely be harmless.

They were first spotted on the morning of January 13. By January 14, they were often several to a square yard on icy streets. In some small puddles, inch-long dark-brown worms were squirming in knotted bunches of twelve or more.

Jim Douglas, an Alaska Cooperative Extension resource development agent, dispatched samples to the U.S. Forest Service in Anchorage, and to Oregon State University scientists. Douglas reassured that the thin critters on the yards, roads and driveways were "certainly not man-eaters" or abductors of children.

Source: Daily News [Anchorage, AK], 1/16/99 (from The Associated Press)