Hauntingly Higher Price for English House

Josie Smith and her husband Andy, a nurse and a builder respectively, cited some strange ghosts at Lowes Cottage in Upper Mayfield in their claim for compensation at Derby county court. They spoke of encountering a pig-headed boy and a nude serving girl, and also told about the previous owner supposedly suffering the touch of icy hands.

Judge Peter Stretton dismissed the case in January 1999, and said that their stories resembled the fictional book The Amityville Horror.

Later, Christian psychic and spiritual studies fellowship member Tim Chilton, who is also a London businessman, paid an added premium of £36,000 above the asking price of £350,000 because of the alleged ghosts, indicating -- as estate agents often opine -- that ghosts indeed add value to aged properties.

Source: The Guardian (U.K.), 4/21/99