"Magic Beans" or Diamonds From Space?

Stephen Haggerty, a University of Massachusetts geology professor, in a recent year sold his Porsche to buy a black diamond. To him, it was worth it because this 720-carat carbonado diamond called "Bison" came from space -- at least according to his theory.

Haggerty spoke of how this type of gem has been found on earth only in the Central African Republic and Brazil, which were long ago part of a single landmass. Haggerty's theory is that, billions of years ago the gems were forged from the pressure and heat of exploding stars. The carbonados, after their long trips through space, were attracted by Earth's gravity and came down with comparative ease through the then-thinner atmosphere.

According to Haggerty's calculations, using the known rates of radioactive decay, carbonados are between approximately 2.6 billion to 3.8 billion years old.

Source: ABCNEWS.com, 4/24/98