Searching for the Yowie

The members of Australian Hominid Research/Yowie Hunters are intent on finding the Yowie. One of them, Beenleigh resident Dean Harrison, led a 12-person expedition that commenced circa March 11, 2000. Harrison wished to get the ape-like creature on film to show that those who disbelieve in the entity are wrong. He claims to have "been face to face" with five of them.

The present search, which concentrated on getting footage and sounds of the Yowie, was conducted in a mountainous area in south-east Queensland, west of Gympie. Video recorders, night vision scopes, sound recorders, infrared spotlights and other devices were employed.

Reports of earlier expeditions can be found on the Australian Hominid Research Organization (AHRO) website. As of mid-March 2000, this site was still under construction. However, some results of the present expedition were posted on its message board. These included mentions of the apparent rocking by a Yowie of a van at night, plus the finding of large footprints connected with the incident.

Sources: Australian Associated Press, 3/9/00; AHRO website ( message board, 3/13/00