Squid But Good

Immense Architeuthises have yet to be kept alive in captivity, but the latest capture of a large but not gigantic squid was a step in the right direction.

It was not an easy catch, for the 25-pound Dosidicus gigas caught on September 28, 1998 in Bodega Bay, California, put up quite a fight, squirting plenty of ink. His capturer, Jim Hie, is a volunteer at the Bodega Marine Laboratory, and is one of many who, for years, have attempted to capture a Dosidicus gigas for research. In this latest and finally successful one, he utilized his 28-foot-long sportfishing boat.

In the past, caught creatures were too traumatized to survive long. The present hardy specimen was swimming calmly in a tarp-shaded 10-foot-diameter tank of circulating sea water by later in the day -- and was in great condition.

John Grissim, publisher of Marine Watch in Point Reyes Station, said, "This is the largest ever captured alive."

It was not alive for much longer, however, as it died in early October 1998.

Two replacements were promptly obtained.

Sources: San Francisco Chronicle, 9/30/98; Point Reyes Light online, 10/1/98 and 10/8/98