Responses to This Issue
Your E-mails About Strange 21

It is an OUTSTANDING web magazine! You have surpassed what I thought was possible for web content, and I hereby forgive you for discontinuing the print magazine. :-) :-) Only kidding. You did have me upset for awhile, as I really looked forward to receiving that print copy, but I understand your reasons, and the final product (the new web magazine) is even more fun to wander through.

Thanks again!

Mike McGough

I've been a fan (and subscriber) of Strange since #1- still have the whole run bagged up in excellent condition at home (OK - I'm a geek.). I was a little disappointed when I heard that Strange was not going to exist in print, but was going on-line only -- for the most part I have been really disappointed in most on-line sites I've visited.

Let me tell you, though -- I am genuinely pleased and impressed -- it looks like a print issue. Some nice articles, the graphics are great, all the old columns are there. I only had a chance to read it during my lunch hour at work, but I'll be coming back for a longer view when I get home.

Anyway -- thanks for keeping up the quality. So far everything is as good as it was during the print era.

Bill LaMonaca