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  Charles Berlin is an illustrator and teacher who lives in Memphis, Tennessee. He enjoys drawing and painting anything out of the ordinary.

William Borde is an illustrator/graphic designer currently working for Warner Brothers creating and designing merchandise for the entertainment industry. His work has appeared on CD covers, posters, T-shirts, catalogs, and the internet. He is currently focusing on oil painting and enjoying life in Southern California.

Scott Bruffey is a freelance writer, musician and humorist who spends a great deal of his time on public transportation, loudly voicing his opinions on unrelated matters to total strangers who glance nervously at him and edge away.

Douglas Chapman, executive editor of Strange, is a writer in Washington, D.C., who specializes in studies of things anomalous, magical, and cinematic. For Strange, he has written about various fortean subjects, as well as the lives and achievements of people connected with strangeness.

Mark Chorvinsky is editor/CEO of Strange and <>, and is one of the world's leading investigators of strange phenomena. He has worked as a film director, special effects person, and magician, and has been a columnist for many fortean publications.

Ulrich Magin is the editor of the aquatic monster newsletter BILK and is a prolific fortean author. His newest book is Begegnungen mit der Anderswelt (2000). He is a regular contributor to the major fortean publications. He resides in southern Germany.

Mark Opsasnick has been a contributor to Strange Magazine since 1987 and has authored numerous articles on unexplained phenomena and pop culture. He has authored two books, Capitol Rock (Riverdale, MD: Fort Center Books; 1996) and Washington Rock and Roll: A Social History (Riverdale, MD: Fort Center Books; 1998). He currently resides in Prince George's County, Maryland.

Douglas Petherbridge is a writer, editor, musician, film buff and recent graduate of the University of Maryland with a degree in American Literature. He was the first intern at Strange Magazine, at least the first to survive.

William Rebsamen is an Arkansas Wildlife artist who graduated in 1986 with a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute. Highly interested in cryptozoology, he has recently been providing illustrations for a number of cryptozoologists.

Sherrill Roberts is a professional researcher and student of the anomalous, particularly "quantum weirdness." Her article on modern physics and time travel can be found in the "Time Travel" pages at this site.

Dr. Karl P. N. Shuker is a zoologist and science writer with a long-standing interest in cryptozoology. He resides in the West Midlands, England.

Greg Snook is a Washington, D.C.-based graphic designer, photographer and contrarian crank who has recently started to dream in HTML. The sourcecode for The Point of It All still eludes him however....

Tim Swartz is a televison and motion-picture producer-director and author. A five-time local Emmy recipient, Swartz owns and operates Porchswing Productions Video Services. He lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, with his wife Melissa, and an ever-growing number of cats and dogs.